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A website is a foot hold on the web its you/ your business in code. All our website are created to work on all platforms including mobile devices and are optimized for speed and usability. Also our site allow you to edit and update them with ease

Popular Web Design / Development Services…


A simple 1 page site to a fully functioning site that you can update yourself. All sites produced are mobile ready.


Get your site working on iPads, iPhones and other devices. We take your site and covert it so it also works on mobile.


If you have products or services you need to sell we’ll setup your online shop. With payment integration and much more.

Our Web Design & Development…

First off we pride ourselves on being approachable and strive to be as helpful as possible with regards to any needs you have for your project.

Alongside our freindly service all our sites are tailored to you and during the design process we will send you some initial concepts and will only start coding once your 100% happy with the look and feel.

All sites are  optimised for use on all platforms including mobile (Responsive). Alongside this all our site are fully editable meaning you can edit / update them as you see fit. You can add new pages, new text or image or anything else to your hearts content.

So why designing4ages?

Our philosophy is that if you’re not 100% happy then we’re not 100% happy. We approach every project as our own little baby, if its not up to our high standards and there’s something we can improve we will.

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Hosting & Domains...

As I think we’ve said on a few occasions across the site, we strive to be a one stop shop for all start-up/ small businesses but can/ do cater for larger companies as well. We believe to do this effectively we have to put ourselves in your shoes (and to be far we were once upon a time). This led us to thinking about what we think you’ll probably need to get you up and running, and then create the best service solutions for you.

Domains (Your Name on the Web)…

I’d be amazed if you didn’t know what a domain is, but what you may not know is there are still some fundamental things to do after you/ we’ve got a domain. That is one it needs to know where to find your site, this is done through something call you DNS records. But don’t sweat we can do this or tell you how todo this. We also always run domain through Cloudflare™ for extra speed and security. So even before anything naughty tries to hit your site theres a barrier in the way.

Your Emails – I’m sure you know what a email is and I know your thinking I want [email protected] domain etc. What we do for emails is create you emails and push then through to mailgun® and then push these to a gmail or other email hosting for you. At the time of setting up your emails if you don’t have a email hosting account anywhere we will set you up a gmail account to collect your mails. Also with your emails there are updates that need to be made to your DNS records (again), but rest assured we’ll do all this.

Hosting (Your Space on the Web)…

With our hosting we only use the best servers you budget will allow for and build a large percentage of all our servers on nginx which I can tell you is really speedy. Then on top of that we make sure that the site we place on top of this is optimised for speed. security and reliability.

Things to note… As your site grows, your server will have to follow suit, we will at the time of setting up your server select the best setup for you but in time you may outgrow your server, when this happens we will first contact you to let you know this, but you may notice it in terms of your site slowing down. Then we will tell you the new monthly/ yearly price for the next level server and if your happy we’ll resize your server. If you’re not happy you always have the choice to find another provider and we will do our best to help.

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